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The best flowy skirt for any budget

Beautiful flowy skirts of all different lengths to make you feel pretty and carefree. Flowy skirts are a great outfit choice for the spring and summer. There are plenty of gorgeous prints to choose from including floral, animal print, spots and so on or you may prefer a plain colour and there are plenty of […]

Make a statement in Knee-High Boots

Make a statement this season with a sexy stunning pair of knee-high boots. Knee-high boots are definitely a wardrobe essential. They look fab with casual and more dressed up outfits. You can opt for a high stiletto, or platform heel or a smaller heel or even a comfortable flat block heel if you prefer. Wear […]

Fun Boho Skirt Ideas

Bohemian skirts are floaty, relaxed and give you a hippyish look. A perfect choice for summer festivals. You can’t go wrong with a boho skirt they can be maxi, midi or even mini although more popular as maxi styles. They look summery and cool and teamed with a crop top or simple t-shirt and maybe […]

The 25 best swing dresses for any budget

Whether you are shopping on a budget or just don’t have too much interest in brand and designer names, you don’t have to spend a fortune to look great. We present our 25 favourite swing dresses for those looking for a bargain

How to Dress For an Interview

As the old saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and every interview has his own personal style, so if it’s your first time going for a job interview, you may be unsure on how to dress. The good news is, dressing appropriately for an interview isn’t all that difficult. Dress appropriately […]

Cute Skirt Ideas

Cute skirts are a seasons must have and a fantastic addition to anyone’s wardrobe. They are simple and easy to style. I would say a cute style skirt is a skater skirt or A-line, but a cute skirt could also be a mini or maxi skirt too. The skater skirt that flares out or a […]

Get The Look

Forget pretty in pink, look fab in purple

Fancy trying something different this season? How about purple…..

Stripes for Every Occasion

Stripes are wonderful to wear any day of the week they can be casual with jeans or smarter with a pair of chinos and they are sure to give your outfit a nautical feel.

Red Red Red! Are you looking to add some color to your wardrobe?

Red is bright, warming and sometimes risky! If you want to add some colour to your wardrobe then we think red is the way to go.

Super Sassy Animal Prints

Trendy animal prints are all the rage this season so we have found you some amazing pieces to add to your wardrobe to give you a great new look. Leopard print is the old favourite but there are also snake print, zebra print and more to add into the mix.

Is grey the New Black?

Grey is a popular colour and goes well with most things. It doesn’t have to be dull and can be brightened up with accessories. From jumpers and dresses, blouses and jeans can grey be the new black? There are different shades to choose, from dark charcoal grey to pale silvery greys.

Maternity Dress Ideas

Being pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t look elegant and there are plenty of styles of dress that are great to wear during pregnancy. A maternity dress these days doesn’t mean wearing a tent to cover up your shape. A lightweight material is ideal to keep you cool in the summer as you always feel hotter whilst you are pregnant. Go for a thicker material in the autumn and winter. Wrap-around dresses are fab and flattering on your bump. Try to go for a dress fitted at the top then flowing and looser over your bump.


The perfect strapless bra for any dress

Have you found the perfect backless dress or top, but worried you can’t wear it because you don’t have the right backless bra?

Stockings: Not Just For The Bedroom!

The expression Blue Stocking is not referring to the colour blue. Female Academics might get offended by this term because it is a pejorative term.

Make Your Wardrobe Come Alive with Colored Pantyhose!

Have the winter blahs got you down? Are you ready to add a little zazz to your wardrobe? If so, it’s time to lift yourself up and climb aboard the latest trend in hosiery: coloured pantyhose.