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Your black jeans can function in a multitude of settings, including the office, a night out on the town or a day out with the family. This article will teach you what to wear with your black jeans.

In the Office

Many offices have a casual Friday dress policy. Even on casual days, you should seek to exhibit an air of professionalism. This can be accomplished with a pair of black jeans and a nice shirt.

Men can pair their favourite black jeans with a polo shirt and loafers for a business casual look. Women, on the other hand, should pair their black jeans with a brightly coloured blouse and blazer. Women should complete the outfit with a set of pearls and a pair of black pumps.

On the Go

Whether you are shopping all day or going to the park with the kids, black jeans can keep you comfortable, while still looking fashionable. Pair your favourite black jeans with a favourite t-shirt, chunky jewellery and a pair of wedges to keep you looking trendy. Men can pair black jeans with a Henley t-shirt and a pair of deck shoes.

A Night Out on the Town

Did you know you can look amazing and still wear a pair of comfortable jeans? Ladies should pair black jeans with a shimmery blouse, black leather jacket and high heels. Finish the look with a statement necklace, a chunky bracelet and a coordinating purse. Nothing looks better on a guy than a snug sports jacket paired with a pair of sleek black jeans. Guys can complete the look with a solid t-shirt or turtleneck and a pair of colourful canvas shoes.

Care Instructions

People around the world are realizing the importance of having a tailored pair of black jeans in their wardrobe. To keep your black jeans from fading, choose a cold water wash cycle. Then, either line dry or dry using the Permanent Press cycle on your dryer.

Now that you know what to pair your black jeans with, get them out of the back of your closet and be fashion forward. Whether you pair them with your favourite blazer or slip on a t-shirt, you are sure to look amazing in a pair of tailored black jeans.

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